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"Every practice is unique but the principles of growth in a dental practice hold true in virtually every office. There's no sense in reinventing the wheel. Learn what creates growth then apply it."

Practice Owner


"Production Per Visit is now at $277-- the highest it's ever been and trending upwards!"

"We beat our monthly production by $90,000 as compared to this time last year!"

"A GREAT tool to help us evaluate how the offices are performing."

Kate B. - Office Manager

"A must have for any practice that truly wants to excel."

Sharmyn - Office Manager

Wilma L- Office Manager

"A perspective of the business of dentistry that I didn't have before."

Blake C. - Office Manager

"Makes it so much easier to track the right metrics."


You'll have instant access to this report on the next page.

Jos S. - Office Manager

Renee O -Office Manager

Advanced Dental Care

"Hygiene re-appointment has risen by 19%. We've added 749 patients back into recare."

The results are in. 

Over 10,000 practices analyzed.

12 Critical Takeaways identified.

Short and actionable. See what top practices did in 2020 and apply it to your 2021.

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Each year we analyze over 10,000 practices and measure their performance across several key metrics. 

The results are presented to you in this annual report along with key learnings and takeaways that you can use right now.

You'll see exactly what the top practices are doing differently than the rest.

Apply what you learn to improve your team's performance, grow your practice, and help more patients in 2021.

"See how your practice compares & precisely where you can get better." 

"Stop guessing and see where top practices focused to succeed even in 2020." 

Get your Free copy of our annual 10,000 practice study.