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This is the most eye-opening Practice Analysis available to dentists. Used daily by over 4000 dentists & their 15,000 team members-- today it’s 100% free for you.

What will I learn in my free online Practice Analysis? 

An in-depth, team-level case acceptance analysis. See exactly where to improve.

Discover where you rank on diagnostic and case acceptance %

Is your hygiene department's performance in line with your competitors?

Is your average restorative production amount per exam below the curve?

How can your team improve average production per visit?

How do your treatment acceptance percentages match up with top practices?

And Much More

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The most in-depth, eye-opening Practice Analysis available to Dentists- yours free

We'd like to give you the most precise, in-depth look at your practice ever-- at no cost to you.

In just minutes, Dental Intelligence performs an online analysis of your ACTUAL practice data (100% HIPAA compliant). Get answers to your most burning questions and see EXACTLY what to improve.  No more guesswork.

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Who is Dental Intelligence? 

Over 4000 dentists and their 15,000 team members use Dental Intelligence every day to make
life easier, achieve more goals, help more patients, fill schedules, increase numbers across the board, and get a whole lot more done in less time by using real-time data instead of guesswork.

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“Our brand new front desk hire just did $17,185 of rescheduled production using Dental Intelligence.” -Hollowbrook Family Dentistry

“Production is up by $133,213 from this time last year.” -West Lakes Dentistry

“We’ve increased Future Visits by 260 appointments--- an extra $77,220 for our practice.” -Foster Dental Care

“Out of our 30 years of practicing, Dental Intelligence has been the BEST decision we’ve ever made.”  -Lost Mountain Dental

How long will my analysis take? 

Dental Intelligence connects online with your practice management software, crunches the numbers, analyzing everything in seconds-- then gives you real-time, actionable information your entire team can use right now. The analysis itself just takes 15 minutes!

Is my Practice Analysis really free?

Yes! This is the most in-depth analysis available to dentists and it truly is 100% free for you today. The detailed information you'll discover could change the direction of your practice-- and it just takes 15 minutes!