“In just one month we were able to recover over $25,000 in past-due
collections and insurance claims with the help of Dental Intelligence’s
Collections Board. I found patients who hadn’t had an x-rays done in many
years – including one who hadn’t been done in fourteen years! By the time
the shutdown ended in California, we had scheduled over $120,000 in future
production – including $40,000 of that in just seven days.”

“In the first few weeks of being a customer of Dental Intelligence and before
we had even been fully trained, we were able to use the Patient Finder to
schedule more than $15,000 just in Hygiene Recare alone! We were so stoked
to see how we could find the patients we wanted to schedule so quickly!”

“We really love that Dental Intelligence sends the forms for us. The
patient forms are too much work for us and the fact it goes into Dentrix
automatically is great. We love that it is doing everything for us!”

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