In this brand new step-by-step guide you'll learn exactly how to implement a real system for following up with your patients... that works!

Brand new for 2019!

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Zachary J  -  Office Manager

"In less than 2 weeks we brought back $35,516 in Hygiene Recare."

"Pre-appointment shot up from 23% to 40%.  An additional $217,120 in added annual collections."

D Kim.  -  Office Manager

Advanced Dental Care

"Hygiene re-appointment has risen by 19%. We've added 749 patients back into recare."

"Production Per Visit is now at $277-- the highest it's ever been and trending upwards!"

Renee O. - Office Manager

Jos S. - Office Manager

"We beat our monthly production by $90,000 as compared to this time last year!"

"A GREAT tool to help us evaluate how the offices are performing."

Kate B. - Office Manager

Sharmyn - Office Manager

"A must have for any practice that truly wants to excel."

"A perspective of the business of dentistry that I didn't have before."

Wilma L- Office Manager

Blake C. - Office Manager

"Makes it so much easier to track the right metrics."

Download the free guide!