The Perfect Morning Huddle

The perfect Morning Huddle by Dental Intelligence

Before you get to the office Dental Intelligence automatically builds your perfect Morning Huddle. Our work with 1000’s of practices has proven time and time again that this is the most important 15 minutes of your day. Now it’s fully automated with no reports to run. Just click the Start button and begin each day the right way.

Review yesterday, today, tomorrow, & next week.

Identifies and presents opportunities. 

Unites the team with clear & measurable goals. 

Celebrates victories and creates teaching moments.

Gives each team member a precise plan for the day. 

Track team performance and progress towards goals. 

and much more.

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Experience your very own, fully-automated, & 100% personalized Morning Huddle.  It's built for you automatically every morning & as easy as clicking the Start button to begin.

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A Morning Huddle so easy you simply click the Start button.

Your Morning Huddle is the most powerful 15 minutes of your day!

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